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New chiral phosphorus ligands for enantioselective hydrogenation.
The increasing demand to produce enantiomerically pure pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, flavors, and other fine chemicals has advanced the field of asymmetric catalytic technologies, and asymmetric hydrogenation utilizing molecular hydrogen to reduce prochiral olefins, ketones, and imines has become one of the most efficient methods for constructing chiral compounds. Expand
Highly enantioselective Ag(i)-catalyzed [3 + 2] cycloaddition of azomethine ylides.
It is found that high enantioselectivities have been achieved in the [3 + 2] cycloaddition of azomethine ylides and a new bis-ferrocenyl amide phosphine (FAP) as the ligand is used. Expand
A hybrid phosphorus ligand for highly enantioselective asymmetric hydroformylation.
A new hybrid phosphorus ligand has been prepared starting from chiral NOBIN (2-amino-2'-hydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyl) with excellent enantioselectivities in the Rh-catalyzed asymmetric hydroformylations of styrene derivatives and vinyl acetate. Expand
Highly Enantioselective Syntheses of Functionalized α-Methylene-γ-butyrolactones via Rh(I)-catalyzed Intramolecular Alder Ene Reaction: Application to Formal Synthesis of (+)-Pilocarpine
A highly enantioselective Rh(I)-catalyzed intramolecular Alder ene reaction has been developed. The desired products, 3-vinyl, vinyl acetate, and vinyl ether-substitued α-methylene-γ-butyrolactonesExpand
Highly enantioselective cycloisomerization of enynes catalyzed by rhodium for the preparation of functionalized lactams.
Lactams are a versatile motif in organic chemistry and when functionalized, lactams often either show biological activity themselves, or are important building blocks for biologically active molecules such as (þ)-a-allokainic acid, (õ-a-kainic acids, acromelic, etc. Expand
Stereoselective Formation of Amines
Control of Asymmetry in the Radical Addition Approach to Chiral Amine Synthesis.- Stereoselective Formation of Amines by Nucleophilic Addition to Azomethine Derivatives.- Transition Metal-CatalyzedExpand
Highly enantioselective Rh-catalyzed intramolecular Alder-ene reactions for the syntheses of chiral tetrahydrofurans.
A significant improvement of the catalytic system for Rh-catalyzed intramolecular Alder±ene reactions of enynes is reported, screening a number of chiral phosphane ligands to achieve high enantioselectivities. Expand