Xuming Yin

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Salinity is a major environmental stress that limits agricultural production and geographical distribution of plants. In a previous study, it has been shown that OsMsr9 was induced by cold, drought and heat stresses. However, functions of OsMsr9 at physiological and molecular levels are still unknown. Here, we report that OsMsr9 plays roles in salt(More)
The small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) are most prevalent in plants and are believed to play an important role in stress tolerance. Our microarray and qRT-PCR analyses of rice plants showed that the gene Oryza sativa Multi-Stress-Responsive 4 (OsMSR-4) is induced by heat, drought, and cold in different tissues at various developmental stages. OsMSR-4 encodes(More)
Besides its role in desensitization and internalization of receptors, β-arrestin2 facilitates G protein-independent signaling through its ability to scaffold various signaling molecules. β-arrestin2 is widely distributed in the central nervous system, and mediates signal transduction of brain circuit. The aim of the present study was to investigate the role(More)
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