Xumin Huang

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This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—Vehicular networks are expected to accommodate a large number of data-heavy mobile devices and multi-application services. Whereas, it faces a significant challenge when we need to deal with(More)
—The vehicular cloud is a promising new paradigm where vehicular networking and mobile cloud computing are elaborately integrated to enhance the quality of vehicular information services. Pseudonym is a resource for vehicles to protect their location privacy, which should be efficiently utilized to secure vehicular clouds. However, only a few existing(More)
—Vehicular social network (VSN) is envisioned to serve as an essential data sensing, exchanging and processing platform for the future Intelligent Transportation Systems. In this paper, we aim to address the location privacy issue in VSNs. In traditional pseudonym-based solutions, the privacy-preserving strength is mainly dependent on the number of vehicles(More)
—Cloud-enabled vehicular networks are a new paradigm to improve the quality of vehicular services, which have drawn considerable attention in industry and academia. In this paper, we consider the resource management and sharing problem for bandwidth and computing resources to support mobile applications in cloud-enabled vehicular networks. In such an(More)
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