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Protein sub-cellular localization prediction has attracted much attention in recent years because of its importance for protein function studying and targeted drug discovery, and that makes it to be an important research field in bioinformatics. Traditional experimental methods which ascertain the protein sub-cellular locations are costly and time(More)
Sub cellular localization of proteins is an important attribute in bioinformatics, closely related to its functions, signal transduction and biological process. In this research field, great progress has been made in recent years. However, some shortcomings still exist in the prediction methods. Such as the extracted features information is not complete(More)
Multisite protein sub-cellular localization prediction has become the hot topic relating biological information in recent years. Quite a lot of researchers have researched multisite protein sub-cellular localization for a long time. However, the accuracy still needs to be improved. As one of the researchers, I should explore new methods to improve the(More)
This paper proposes a novel feature fusion method for the protein subcellular multiple-site localization prediction. Several types of features are employed in this novel protein coding method. The first one is the composition of amino acids. The second is pseudo amino acid composition, which mainly extract the location information of each amino acid(More)
Protein subcellular localization prediction is currently receiving much attention in the field of protein research. Many researchers make great efforts to study single-site protein subcellular localization, but the experimental data shows that many proteins can be found in two or more sub-cellular locations, prompting the study of multisite protein(More)
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