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Monoculture causes nutrient losses and leads to declines in soil fertility and biomass production over successive cultivation. The rhizosphere, a zone of usually high microbial activities and clearly distinct from bulk soil, is defined as the volume of soil around living roots and influenced by root activities. Here we investigated enzyme activities and(More)
As a highly valued and multiple function tree species, Cyclocarya paliurus is planted and managed for timber production and medical use. However, limited information is available on its genotype selection and cultivation for growth and phytochemicals. Responses of growth and secondary metabolites to light regimes and genotypes are useful information to(More)
Cyclocarya paliurus is a highly valued and multiple function tree species. There has been increasing interest in planting and managing C. paliurus for timber production and medical use owing to loss of harvestable acreage. Seed from six provenances was collected from the main natural range of this species. Significant variation in growth and wood properties(More)
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