Xujin Yuan

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Modern wide-band radar system could resolve the refined sea surface structure, which results from the strong instantaneous clutter spike appearing in the background echo, and severely affects the target detection efficiency in searching process. It is important for radar design and efficiency-improving to investigate the high-resolution clutter restraint(More)
Developing high-performance radar absorption material (RAM) is always important in the stealth projects. Circuit analog (CA) absorber studied in this thesis is better than traditional Jaumann absorber in many aspects, such as thickness and absorption band. The principle and design method of CA absorber is explored in this thesis. One sample of single-layer(More)
Since the experimental observation of antiwaves in reaction-diffusion (RD) systems, the discrepancy between the theoretical prediction and the experimental observation on the transition from inwardly rotating chemical waves to normal waves remains an unsolved problem. Theoretical predictions using both RD model and complex Ginzberg-Landau equation indicate(More)
Due to substantial development of electronics and telecommunication techniques, materials with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance are significant in alleviating the interference impacts induced from a remarkable variety of devices. In the work, we propose novel sandwich structures for manipulating the EM wave transport, which holds(More)
The negative index of refraction of nonlinear chemical waves has become a recent focus in nonlinear dynamics researches. Theoretical analysis and computer simulations have predicted that the negative index of refraction can occur on the interface between antiwaves and normal waves in a reaction-diffusion (RD) system. However, no experimental evidence has(More)
Sea clutter spike has more negative impact as maritime radar resolution improves, which could cause target detection error or tracking miss. Imaging mode has been gradually utilized in order to improve target detection ability in sea background. Decorrelation restraint method has been developed to suppress sea spike, but its effect has not been studied(More)
A conformal elliptical tapered slot antenna has been designed and developed for urtrawideband (UWB) wireless communications. It is studied mounted on a cylindrical surface and is proven to operate equally well compared to its planar rival. Return loss, gain and E and H plane radiation pattern simulations are presented covering the whole ultrawideband. The(More)
Sub-wavelength imaging, which can transform evanescent wave into travelling wave and utilize wave component with small wave-vector, is receiving much study interest. Both negative refraction and beam forming can realize sub-wavelength imaging, and their mechanism are analyzed and compared. The refraction behavior under different incident angle is measured(More)
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