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Wireless sensor networks promise a new paradigm for gathering data via collaboration among sensors spreading over a large geometrical region. Many real-time applications impose stringent delay requirements and ask for time-efficient schedules of data aggregations in which sensed data at sensors are combined at intermediate sensors along the way towards the(More)
This paper concerns the mechanism design for online scheduling in a strategic setting. In this setting, each job is owned by a self-interested agent who may misreport the release time, deadline, length, and value of her job, while we need to determine not only the schedule of the jobs, but also the payment of each agent. We focus on the design of incentive(More)
In marketing products with negative externalities, a schedule which specifies an order of consumer purchase decisions is crucial, since in the social network of consumers, the decision of each consumer is negatively affected by the choices of her neighbors. In this paper, we study the problems of finding a marketing schedule for two asymmetric products with(More)