Xuguang Wang

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In this communication, the Standardization and Terminology Committee (STC) of the International Society of Biomechanics proposes a definition of a joint coordinate system (JCS) for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. For each joint, a standard for the local axis system in each articulating segment or bone is generated. These axes then standardize the JCS.(More)
Neural machine translation (NMT) aims at solving machine translation (MT) problems using neural networks and has exhibited promising results in recent years. However, most of the existing NMT models are shallow and there is still a performance gap between a single NMT model and the best conventional MT system. In this work, we introduce a new type of linear(More)
The problems related to kinematic redundancy in both task and joint space were investigated for arm prehension movements in this paper. After a detailed analysis of kinematic redundancy of the arm, it is shown that the redundancy problem is ill posed only for the control of hand orientation. An experiment was then designed to investigate the influence of(More)
While question answering (QA) with neural network, i.e. neural QA, has achieved promising results in recent years, lacking of large scale real-word QA dataset is still a challenge for developing and evaluating neural QA system. To alleviate this problem, we propose a large scale human annotated real-world QA dataset WebQA with more than 42k questions and(More)
More than 99 % of follicles in mammalian ovaries undergo a degenerative process known as atresia, and thus only a limited number of ovarian follicles actually ovulate after full growth and development. The endocrinological regulatory mechanisms involved in follicular development have been studied extensively, but the precise and systematic molecular(More)
Gridpoint statistical interpolation (GSI), a three-dimensional variational data assimilation method (3DVAR) has been widely used in operations and research in numerical weather prediction. The operational GSI uses a static background error covariance, which does not reflect the flow-dependent error statistics. Incorporating ensemble covariance in GSI(More)
UNLABELLED The push force and its perception when inserting a flexible hose laterally into a connector were investigated. Effects of hose diameter, glove, target position and obstacle condition were studied. Maximum voluntary insertion forces (MVFs) under similar working conditions were also measured. The larger the diameter, the higher the force required.(More)
As for battery management systems (BMS), it is the most important and significant aspect to estimate state of charge (SOC) accurately, which can provide the judgment basis to system control strategy. In view of the lithium-ion power battery’s properties and its operation condition in electric vehicles, we propose a new method named EKF-Ah that derives from(More)
for your friendship and providing me such a friendly and collaborative working environment, making my graduate life enjoyable. I also want to thank staffs at MER, Jean Toll, Carol Assadourian for your sincerely help and assistance during my graduate study. Huchison for your sincere friendship, genuine caring, and earnest advice and help. I feel so lucky to(More)