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Computer vision software is complex, involving many tens of thousands of lines of code. Coding mistakes are not uncommon. When the vision algorithms are run on controlled data which meet all the algorithm assumptions, the results are often statistically predictable. This renders it possible to statistically validate the computer vision software and its(More)
Selective meta-arylation of O-β-naphthyl carbamate has been accomplished using Pd(OAc)2 as a catalyst precursor and K2S2O8 with AgOAc as the oxidant. A range of aryl boronic acids could be introduced in moderate to good yields. Mechanistic investigation shows that the carbamate substituent has a unique effect and the reaction undergoes an(More)
A series of cinnamoyl-terminated bolaamphiphiles were synthesized and their assemblies at the air/water interface were investigated. It was found that the assembly behaviour depended on the substituted groups on the cinnamoyl unit. The bolaamphiphile with 4-hydroxycinnamoyl head groups (HCDA) was found to assemble into a supramolecular nanotube, while the(More)
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