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Automatically extracting frames/panels from digital comic pages is crucial for techniques that facilitate comic reading on mobile devices with limited display areas. However, automatic panel extraction for manga, i.e., Japanese comics, can be especially challenging, largely because of its complex panel layout design mixed with various visual symbols(More)
Turntable-based 3D scanners are popular but require calibration of the turntable axis. Existing methods for turntable calibration typically make use of specially designed tools, such as a chessboard or criterion sphere, which users must manually install and dismount. In this article, the authors propose an automatic method to calibrate the turntable axis(More)
—We propose a method for animating still manga imagery through camera movements. Given a series of existing manga pages, we start by automatically extracting panels, comic characters and balloons from the manga pages. Then, we use a data-driven graphical model to infer per-panel motion and emotion states from low-level visual patterns. Finally, by combining(More)
We present a novel approach that allows web designers to easily direct user attention via visual flow on web designs. By collecting and analyzing users' eye gaze data on real-world webpages under the task-driven condition, we build two user attention models that characterize user attention patterns between a pair of page components. These models enable a(More)
To perform quad meshing on raw point clouds, existing algorithms usually require a time-consuming parameterization or Voronoi space partition process. In this paper, we propose an effective method to generate quad-dominant meshes directly from unorganized point clouds. In the proposed method, we first apply Marinov's curvature tensor optimization to the(More)
3D fingerprinting is an emerging technology with the distinct advantage of touchless operation. More important, 3D fingerprint models contain more biometric information than traditional 2D fingerprint images. However, current approaches to fingerprint feature detection usually must transform the 3D models to a 2D space through unwrapping or other methods,(More)
The topology of a tensor field is partially defined by its degenerate points, called umbilical points. We proposed a new approach for distinguishing them as trisector and wedge points on polynomial fitting surface of point-sampled models. Firstly, the polynomial fitting surface over neighborhoods of each point is obtained, and then the degenerate points are(More)
A new method for direct extraction of the lines of curvature from raw point clouds is presented in this paper. We first extract smooth and continue direction fields by applying surface fitting algorithm. And then a priority queue is established according to the curvatures of each point for extracting lines of curvature in a feature-preserving manner. The(More)
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