Xuezhong Zhou

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a clinical-based discipline in which real-world clinical practice plays a significant role for both the development of clinical therapy and theoretical research. The large-scale clinical data generated during the daily clinical operations of TCM provide a highly valuable knowledge source for clinical decision making.(More)
Objective. Initial optimized prescription of Chinese herb medicine for unstable angina (UA). Methods. Based on partially observable Markov decision process model (POMDP), we choose hospitalized patients of 3 syndrome elements, such as qi deficiency, blood stasis, and turbid phlegm for the data mining, analysis, and objective evaluation of the diagnosis and(More)
BACKGROUND Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most popular Chinese medicine (CM) therapies for primary insomnia. One of the important characteristics of CM is that different Chinese clinicians give different prescriptions even for the same patient. However, there must be some fixed drug patterns in every clinician's prescriptions. This study aims to(More)
Background. The characteristics of treatment based on syndrome differentiation (TBSD) cause great challenges to evaluate the effectiveness of the clinical methods. Objectives. This paper aims to evaluate the influence of physician to personalized medicine in the process of TBSD. Methods. We performed a randomized, triple-blind trial involving patients of(More)
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