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A major challenge in human genetics is to devise a systematic strategy to integrate disease-associated variants with diverse genomic and biological data sets to provide insight into disease pathogenesis and guide drug discovery for complex traits such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Here we performed a genome-wide association study meta-analysis in a total of(More)
OBJECTIVE Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a scientific discipline, which develops the related theories from the long-term clinical practices. The large-scale clinical data are the core empirical knowledge source for TCM research. This paper introduces a clinical data warehouse (CDW) system, which incorporates the structured electronic medical record(More)
In the post-genomic era, the elucidation of the relationship between the molecular origins of diseases and their resulting phenotypes is a crucial task for medical research. Here, we use a large-scale biomedical literature database to construct a symptom-based human disease network and investigate the connection between clinical manifestations of diseases(More)
Extracting meaningful information and knowledge from free text is the subject of considerable research interest in the machine learning and data mining fields. Text data mining (or text mining) has become one of the most active research sub-fields in data mining. Significant developments in the area of biomedical text mining during the past years have(More)
OBJECTIVE As a complementary medical system to Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) provides a unique theoretical and practical approach to the treatment of diseases over thousands of years. Confronted with the increasing popularity of TCM and the huge volume of TCM data, historically accumulated and recently obtained, there is an urgent(More)
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a complete knowledge system researches into human health conditions via a different approach compared to orthodox medicine. We are developing a unified traditional Chinese medical language system (UTCMLS) through an ontology approach that will support TCM language knowledge storage, concept-based information retrieval(More)
We present a novel text mining approach to uncover the functional gene relationships, maybe, temporal and spatial functional modular interaction networks, from MEDLINE in large scale. Other than the regular approaches, which only consider the reductionistic molecular biological knowledge in MEDLINE, we use TCM knowledge(e.g. Symptom Complex) and the 50,000(More)
OBJECTIVE The amount of biomedical data in different disciplines is growing at an exponential rate. Integrating these significant knowledge sources to generate novel hypotheses for systems biology research is difficult. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a completely different discipline, and is a complementary knowledge system to modern biomedical(More)
In this paper, we aim to investigate strong herb-herb interactions in TCM for effective treatment of insomnia. Given that extraction of herb interactions is quite similar to gene epistasis study due to non-linear interactions among their study factors, we propose to apply Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MDR) that has shown useful in discovering hidden(More)
The clinical data from the daily clinical process, which keeps to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theories and principles, is the core empirical knowledge source for TCM researches. This paper introduces a data warehouse system, which is based on the structured electronic medical record system and daily clinical data, for TCM clinical researches and(More)