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Target tracking using delayed, out-of-sequence measurements is a problem of growing importance due to an increased reliance on networked sensors interconnected via complex communication network architectures. In such systems, it is often the case that measurements are received out-of-time-order at the fusion center. This paper presents a Bayesian solution(More)
Name ambiguity has long been viewed as a challenging problem in many applications, such as scientific literature management, people search, and social network analysis. When we search a person name in these systems, many documents (e.g., papers, web pages) containing that person's name may be returned. It is hard to determine which documents are about the(More)
Search engines make significant efforts to recognize queries that can be answered by structured data and invest heavily in creating and maintaining high-precision databases. While these databases have a relatively wide coverage of entities, the number of attributes they model (e.g., GDP, CAPITAL, ANTHEM) is relatively small. Extending the number of(More)
In creating an evacuation simulation for training and planning, realistic agents that reproduce known phenomenon are required. Evacuation simulation in the airport domain requires additional features beyond most simulations, including the unique behaviors of firsttime visitors who have incomplete knowledge of the area and families that do not necessarily(More)
Measuring a distance using phase measurements is a common practice in many areas of engineering. Almost inevitably these measurements are accompanied by noise, and are always subject to ambiguity resulting from the phase of modulo <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$2\pi$</tex></formula>. In the presence of phase ambiguity, where for instance(More)
Three different kinds of the novel enhanced genetic algorithm procedures including the hybrid genetic algorithm, interval genetic algorithm and hybrid interval genetic algorithm are respectively presented. As the results of the proven systems show, the hybrid genetic algorithm can determines the better optimum design than the traditional optimization(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Leonurus japonicus Houtt. (Labiatae), commonly called Chinese motherwort ([Symbol: see text]), is an herbaceous flowering plant native to Asia. For thousands of years in China, the aerial part of Leonurus japonicus has been used to treat menoxenia, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, lochia, edema of the body, oliguresis, sores,(More)