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A Novel Through-Wall Imaging Method Using Ultra WideBand Pulse System
Through-wall imaging is one of the applications of Ultra Wideband communication that attracts recent interests for its ability to penetrate the wall. However, the available references fail to provideExpand
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A New Game Algorithm for Power Control in Cognitive Radio Networks
Based on the analysis of the feature of cognitive radio (CR) networks, we build a relevant interference model. Cognitive users should particularly consider the problem of interference with licensedExpand
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Threshold optimization of cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks: COOPERATIVE SPECTRUM SENSING
[1] We consider the threshold optimization problem of cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive radio (CR) and investigate the threshold optimization algorithm for both single-channel andExpand
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Double-threshold cooperative detection for cognitive radio based on weighing
In cognitive radio CR, the single-threshold cooperative detection is sensitive to the noise power. In this paper, a double-threshold cooperative detection scheme based on weighed combination isExpand
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Vision-based indoor localization approach based on SURF and landmark
Image based indoor localization is an important problem with many useful application. This paper proposes an indoor localization system for performing fine localization and less latency with moreExpand
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Optimization algorithm of periodical cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio
To decrease the interference to the primary user PU and improve the detected performance of cognitive radio CR, a single-band sensing scheme wherein the CR periodically senses the PU by cooperativeExpand
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Overlapping user grouping in IoT oriented massive MIMO systems
This paper considers capacity and quality of service improvement in Internet of Things (IoT) oriented massive MIMO systems through overlapping user grouping. In massive MIMO systems, user selectionExpand
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Asymmetric active cooperation strategy in spectrum sharing game with imperfect information
In this paper, we study the spectrum sharing problem in the cognitive network where two secondary users coexist and interfere with each other in an unlicensed channel. Each user in our scenario isExpand
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A fast visual map building method using video stream for visual-based indoor localization
Visual-based indoor localization have become a favored research area in recent years. It can be used inside a building where GPS signals are often not available. And due to its low deployment cost,Expand
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Optimal Periodic Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Based on Weight Fusion in Cognitive Radio Networks
The performance of cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio (CR) networks depends on the sensing mode, the sensing time and the number of cooperative users. In order to improve the sensingExpand
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