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Stray light is non-imaging light that reach the optical system imaging plane. The non-imaging light can be received by detector if it is not effectively controlled, and stray light which directly irradiates on the detector has great influence on the imaging quality. Stray light can be effectively inhibited, if the outer baffle of space camera is designed(More)
The coaxial two-mirror telescope consists of two mirrors facing each other. Classical two-mirror arrangements are Gregorian and Cassegrain. These systems are usually applied to space telescopes and often have optical baffles to prevent stray light from entering the focal plane. The optical baffles consist of concentric rings suspended between the secondary(More)
The position of focal plane will be changed because of temperature fluctuation and vacuum environment. In order to make the telescope work well, a focusing mechanism is needed. To majority of large space-based telescopes, the general way to do this would be to use a reflector, which was located in the backfocal distance. One of typical schemes of this(More)
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