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Gigantopteris Schenk ex Yabe in the Capitanian–Wuchiapingian (middle-late Permian) flora of central Shanxi in North China: Palaeobiogeographical and palaeoecological implications
Abstract The concept of the Cathaysian Flora was originally based on fossils from the Permian of central Shanxi Province in North China but is now recognized to be valid for the flora of much of EastExpand
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Peltaspermalean seed ferns with preserved cuticle from the Upper Triassic Karamay Formation in the Junggar Basin, northwestern China
Abstract Foliage of a new peltaspermalean seed fern is described on the basis of a large collection of well-preserved plant adpressions with cuticle from the Upper Triassic Karamay Formation inExpand
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A 298-million-year-old gleicheniaceous fern from China
Abstract The late Paleozoic genera Chansitheca Rege, Oligocarpia Goppert and Szea Z. Yao et T. N. Taylor are small ferns that represent putative early members of the Gleicheniaceae based on theirExpand
First Record of Fossil Basidiomycete Clamp Connections in Cordaitalean Stems from the Asselian-Sakmarian (Lower Permian) of Shanxi Province, North China
Abstract Fungi today occur in great diversity on virtually every plant part, living and dead. Cordaitalean gymnosperms were important components of floral element in the late PalaeozoicExpand
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Giant cordaitalean trees in early Permian riparian canopies in North China: Evidence from anatomically preserved trunks in Yangquan, Shanxi Province
Abstract Cordaitaleans, as close relatives of modern conifers, had a long geological history in the Cathaysia from the Visean (Mississippian, lower Carboniferous) to the end of Permian. They becameExpand
T0 Early Permian coal-forest preserved in situ in volcanic ash bed in the Wuda Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China
Abstract An early Permian tuff bed between Coal 7 and Coal 6 of the Wuda Coalfield in Inner Mongolia bears T0 peat-forming vegetation preserved in situ. Documentation of the fossil record uncoveredExpand
Yangquanoxylon miscellum gen. nov. et sp. nov., a gymnospermous wood from the Upper Pennsylvanian-lower Permian Taiyuan Formation of Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, with reference to the
A silicified gymnospermous wood, Yangquanoxylon miscellum gen. nov. et sp. nov., is described from the Upper Pennsylvanian-lower Permian Taiyuan Formation, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, NorthExpand
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