Xuezeng Zhao

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This paper describes the design and hydraulic characterization of a cost-effective biocurtain that is currently being used to remove carbon tetrachloride from an aquifer in Schoolcraft, Michigan. Novel aspects of the design are the use of closely spaced wells to recirculate solutes through a biocurtain, well screens spanning the vertical extent of(More)
In this study, the dynamic characteristics of a plate-like micro-cantilever beam attached with multiple concentrated masses are studied. The vibration modes of the cantilever plate are represented by combinations of beam functions. Using classical mechanics (the effect of size is not considered) and the corrected Cosserat's theorem (the effect of size is(More)
Spherical domains that readily form at the polystyrene (PS)-water interface were studied and characterized using atomic force microscopy (AFM). The study showed that these domains have similar characteristics to micro- and nanobubbles, such as a spherical shape, smaller contact angle, low line tension, and they exhibit phase contrast and the coalescence(More)
The drag of fluid flow at the solid-liquid interface in the micro/nanoscale is an important issue in micro/nanofluidic systems. Drag depends on the surface wetting, nanobubbles, surface charge and boundary slip. Some researchers have focused on the relationship between these interface properties. In this review, the influence of an applied voltage on the(More)
A prototype wireless guided wave inspection system is developed to inspect layered structures such as aircraft wing. The system includes a stationary antenna and an active antenna as transceivers, an on-board antenna as transponder, and PVDF comb transducers for generating and receiving ultrasonic Lamb waves. Preliminary experiments on a 0.8mm aluminium(More)
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