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Based on the principle of the wavelength division multiplex (WDM), a data processing method which can increase the number of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in series is given. In this method, genetic algorithm (GA) is used to detect the Bragg wavelength of FBG. Simulations and experiments demonstrated that the Bragg wavelength can be detected when a(More)
The scanner is the most important part of Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), which directly determines an AFMpsilas measuring capability. However, the scanner made of piezoelectric materials always exhibits significant hysteresis and nonlinearity, and the hysteresis will reduce the positioning precision of AFM and cause distortion in scanning images. In this(More)
Extraction of simple, effective and efficient decision rules for fault diagnosis is one of the most important problems in mechanical fault diagnosis because available information is often inconsistent and redundant. Using inconsistent and redundant information, an extraction method of decision rules based on the rough set theory is developed in this paper.(More)
Extracting rules from incomplete data are usually more difficult than extracting rules from complete data in mechanical fault diagnosis. In order to extract simple and effective diagnostic rules from incomplete data, a method to directly extract decision rules for fault diagnosis from incomplete data based on rough set is proposed in this paper. The method(More)
In ballistic identification, the breech face signature of cartridge cases results from strong contact; it's clear and stable with large contact areas. These signatures can reflect the individual characteristics of particular guns. However, the topography of breech face impression is a complex surface with different features in different dimensions,(More)
In this study, the dynamic characteristics of a plate-like micro-cantilever beam attached with multiple concentrated masses are studied. The vibration modes of the cantilever plate are represented by combinations of beam functions. Using classical mechanics (the effect of size is not considered) and the corrected Cosserat's theorem (the effect of size is(More)
Spherical domains that readily form at the polystyrene (PS)-water interface were studied and characterized using atomic force microscopy (AFM). The study showed that these domains have similar characteristics to micro- and nanobubbles, such as a spherical shape, smaller contact angle, low line tension, and they exhibit phase contrast and the coalescence(More)
Vibration isolation system is always required to reduce the affected interference in a very short time. More specifically, the high-frequency interference can be effectively reduced by means of passive vibration isolation, while low-frequency interference needs prevent inhibition by applying active vibration isolation. The key components of active seismic(More)
The drag of fluid flow at the solid-liquid interface in the micro/nanoscale is an important issue in micro/nanofluidic systems. Drag depends on the surface wetting, nanobubbles, surface charge and boundary slip. Some researchers have focused on the relationship between these interface properties. In this review, the influence of an applied voltage on the(More)