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Upconversion refers to non-linear optical processes that convert two or more low-energy pump photons to a higher-energy output photon. After being recognized in the mid-1960s, upconversion has attracted significant research interest for its applications in optical devices such as infrared quantum counter detectors and compact solid-state lasers. Over the(More)
Amine-functionalized lanthanide-doped KGdF(4) nanocrystals, synthesized via a facile one-step solvothermal route by employing polyethylenimine as the surfactant and capping ligand, have been demonstrated to be sensitive time-resolved FRET bioprobes to detect a trace amount of biomolecules such as avidin at a concentration of 5.5 nM and to be potential(More)
  • Feng Wang, Renren Deng, +5 authors Xiaogang Liu
  • 2011
Photon upconversion is promising for applications such as biological imaging, data storage or solar cells. Here, we have investigated upconversion processes in a broad range of gadolinium-based nanoparticles of varying composition. We show that by rational design of a core-shell structure with a set of lanthanide ions incorporated into separated layers at(More)
Lanthanide-doped inorganic nanoparticles possess superior physicochemical features such as long-lived luminescence, large antenna-generated Stokes or anti-Stokes shifts, narrow emission bands, high resistance to photobleaching and low toxicity, and thus are regarded as a new generation of luminescent bioprobes as compared to conventional molecular probes(More)
Ultrasmall inorganic oxide nanoparticles doped with trivalent lanthanide ions (Ln(3+)), a new and huge family of luminescent bioprobes, remain nearly untouched. Currently it is a challenge to synthesize biocompatible ultrasmall oxide bioprobes. Herein, we report a new inorganic oxide bioprobe based on sub-5 nm amine-functionalized tetragonal ZrO(2)-Ln(3+)(More)
Little is known about the role of microRNA during influenza A virus (IAV) infection. We observed that NIK 3'UTR luciferase activity was elevated during IAV infection. Further studies demonstrated that miR-302c reduced NIK expression, resulting in the reduction of IFNβ mRNA expression. We found that miR-302c prevented the translocation of NF-κB from the(More)
Lanthanide-doped upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs) have shown great promise in bioapplications. Exploring new host materials to realize efficient upconversion luminescence (UCL) output is a goal of general concern. Herein, we develop a unique strategy for the synthesis of novel LiLuF4 :Ln(3+) core/shell UCNPs with typically high absolute upconversion(More)