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In this paper, the dynamical behavior of a virus dynamics model with CTL immune response and time delay is studied. Time delay is used to describe the time between the infected cell and the emission of viral particles on a cellular level. The effect of time delay on stability of the equilibria of the CTL immune response model has been studied and sufficient(More)
In this paper, an SEIV epidemic model with vaccination and nonlinear incidence rate is formulated. The analysis of the model is presented in terms of the basic reproduction number R 0. It is shown that the model has multiple equilibria and using the center manifold theory, the model exhibits the phenomenon of backward bifurcation where a stable disease-free(More)
In this paper, the asymptotic behavior of nonoscillatory solutions of the nonlinear dynamic equation on time scales r(t)g(y ∆ (t)) ∆ − f (t, y(t)) = 0, t ≥ t 0 is considered under the condition ∞ t 0 g −1 m 1 r(t) ∆t = ∞ for m 1 = 0. Three sufficient and necessary conditions are obtained, which include and improve M.R.S. Kulenovi´c and´C. Ljubovi´c's recent(More)
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