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High temperature shape memory polymers that can withstand the harsh temperatures for durable applications are synthesized, and the aromatic polyimide chains with flexible linkages within the backbone act as reversible phase. High molecular weight (Mn) is demanded to form physical crosslinks as fixed phase of thermoplastic shape memory polyimide, and the(More)
Optically transparent shape memory polymers (SMPs) have potential in advanced optoelectronic and other common shape memory applications, and here optically transparent shape memory polyimide is reported for the first time. The polyimide possesses a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 171 °C, higher than the Tg of other transparent SMPs reported, and the(More)
Recent researches have shown consensus clustering can enhance the accuracy of human action cat-egorization models by combining multiple cluster-ings, which can be obtained from various types of local descriptors, such as HOG, HOF and MBH. However, consensus clustering yields final clustering without access to the underlying feature representations of the(More)
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