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OBJECTIVE To examine smoking cessation among urban-based Chinese. METHODS Multi-stage random sampling was used to obtain a sample from 21 cities in China. Two logistic regression models were established to identify factors influencing quit intention and smoking cessation. RESULTS Prevalence of smoking cessation was 10.1%; 45.5% of smokers intended to(More)
OBJECTIVES This study will examine explanatory variables including socioeconomic inequalities related to mental stress at both the individual and regional level. METHODOLOGY A cross-sectional multistage sampling process was used to obtain participants. Data on mental stress and individual socioeconomic status were gathered via face to face interview.(More)
BACKGROUND The phenomenon of deliberate self-harm (DSH) among college students has received increased attention in recent decades. Adopting a psychosocial perspective, this study aims to describe self-reported DSH among Chinese medical college students, assess respective associations between uncertainty stress and social capital with DSH, and explore the(More)
The roles of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and microRNA in the brain tissue after fatal mechanical asphyxia have not been clearly elucidated. We examined the expression of glucose-regulated protein 78 (GRP78), the key regulator of unfolded protein response, and miR-199a in the brain tissues of rats subjected to fatal ligature strangulation to understand(More)
Light cigarette adoption involves complex psychological and behavioral processes with many underlying factors. While numerous studies have shown that environmental restrictions on smoking are associated with higher probability of smoking cessation, it is also possible that some smokers may switch from regular to light cigarettes due to environmental(More)
Na+,K+/H+ antiporters are H+-coupled cotransporters that are crucial for cellular homeostasis. Populus euphratica, a well-known tree halophyte, contains six Na+/H+ antiporter genes (PeNHX1-6) that have been shown to function in salt tolerance. However, the catalytic mechanisms governing their ion transport remain largely unknown. Using the crystal structure(More)
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