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Conveying shape using feature lines is an important visualization tool in visual computing. The existing feature lines (e.g., ridges, valleys, silhouettes, suggestive contours, etc.) are solely determined by local geometry properties (e.g., normals and curvatures) as well as the view position. This paper is strongly inspired by the observation in human(More)
Designing rotational symmetry fields on surfaces is an important task for a wide range of graphics applications. This work introduces a rigorous and practical approach for automatic N-RoSy field design on arbitrary surfaces with user-defined field topologies. The user has full control of the number, positions, and indexes of the singularities (as long as(More)
This paper presents a novel object-space line drawing algorithm that can depict shapes with view-dependent feature lines in real time. Strongly inspired by the Laplacian-of-Gaussian (LoG) edge detector in image processing, we define Laplacian lines as the zero-crossing points of the Laplacian of the surface illumination. Compared to other view-dependent(More)
Artistic images and paintings can be regarded as a composition of content and style. The aim of artistic style transfer is to synthesize a stylized image with content of source image but novel style from style example. Based on texture synthesis, a novel <i>Feature Guided Texture Synthesis</i> (FGTS) algorithm for artistic style transfer is proposed in this(More)
Sketching is a drawing style where approximations and successive refinement in the drawing process are evident. The approximation of contours in sketching involves multiple overlapping strokes that are relatively long in regions of low curvature and shorter in high-curvature areas, yet unimportant high-curvature details are omitted in the initial stages of(More)
The objective of artistic style learning is to synthesize a new image from a source image with the style learnt from example images. Existing example-based texture synthesis (EBTS) techniques model style with low-level statistical properties. These methods work well with some artistic styles such as oil painting, but have difficulties in preserving image(More)
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