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Vehicle routing problem is a kind of common problem in logistics distribution center, in order to solve the high delivery cost of VRP and time constraint problem, the VRP model with the object level and constraints by semi-soft time window is built. Aiming to the semi-soft time window constraints the optimization of the model is discussed. Finally the(More)
This paper analyzes asynchronously reasons of data in heterogeneous redundancy servers and puts forward the solution of keeping data consistence synchronous, by vote of large algorithm, which achieves the integrity, the feasibility, and effectiveness in heterogeneous redundancy database structure, to ensure the survivability of heterogeneous redundant(More)
Aiming to word similarity research based on HowNet, domestic scholars have proposed various calculation methods. But these methods have the shortcomings that word similarity is not high, and the difference of disposition relationship concepts is not obvious. This paper adopts the thought of "words similarity layer calculation" mentioned in the(More)
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