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Semi-automated object extraction has become a viable concept for the generation of 3-D city models. CyberCity-Modeler (CCM) has been developed with the aim of creating not only buildings, but also other objects pertaining to a city model efficiently and with a high degree of flexibility concerning the level of detail. In its commercial implementation, CCM(More)
If investors are not fully rational, what can smart money do? This paper provides an example in which smart money can strategically take advantage of investors’ behavioral biases and manipulate the price process to make profit. The paper considers three types of traders, behavior-driven investors who are less willing to sell losers than to sell winners(More)
Doping of titania nanotubes is one of the efficient way to obtain improved physical and chemical properties. Through electrochemical anodization and annealing treatment, Ni-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays were fabricated and their hydrogen sensing performance was investigated. The nanotube sensor demonstrated a good sensitivity for wide-range detection of both(More)
Real-time measuring the C<sub>3</sub> concentration is important for the process of fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU), but it's difficult to measure it directly, so soft-sensing method is applied to solve this question. The neural network model based on PCA-RBF and chaos-RBF neural network model are established, and the simulation results are analyzed(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 proving: 1 a fixed point theorem for an asymptotically pseudocontractive mapping that is also uniformly L-Lipschitzian and uniformly asymptotically regular, 2 that the set of fixed points of T is closed and convex, and 3 the strong convergence of a CQ-iterative method. The literature on asymptotical-type mappings is very wide see,(More)
This paper is concerned with asymptotic behavior of a variety of functionals of increments of continuous semimartingales. Sampling times are assumed to follow a rather general discretization scheme. If an underlying semimartingale is thought of as a financial asset price process, a general sampling scheme like the one employed in this paper is capable of(More)