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Four-winged dinosaurs from China
New evidence is provided suggesting that basal dromaeosaurid dinosaurs were four-winged animals and probably could glide, representing an intermediate stage towards the active, flapping-flight stage of proavians.
Basal tyrannosauroids from China and evidence for protofeathers in tyrannosauroids
A new basal tyrannosauroid from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of western Liaoning, China, which is small and gracile and has relatively long arms with three-fingered hands and provides the first direct fossil evidence that Tyrannosauroids had protofeathers.
Origin of flight: Could ‘four-winged’ dinosaurs fly? (Reply)
It is agreed that a strict biomechanical analysis is needed to reconstruct Microraptor's locomotory mode, but several of Padian and Dial's arguments are disagreed with.
Geoemydid turtles from the Late Eocene Maoming basin, southern China
Key-words. - Turtle, Geoemydidae, Eocene, China, Guangdong province. Abstract. - The fossil record of testudinoid turtles of China during the Eocene-Oligocene is poorly documented. The Maoming basin