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Gpbar1 (TGR5), a membrane-bound bile acid receptor, is well known for its roles in regulation of energy homeostasis and glucose metabolism. Here we show that TGR5 is a suppressor of gastric cancer cell proliferation and migration through antagonizing STAT3 signaling pathway. We firstly show that TGR5 activation greatly inhibited proliferation and migration(More)
High mammalian gene expression was obtained for more than twenty different proteins in different cell types by just a few laboratory scale stable gene transfections for each protein. The stable expression vectors were constructed by inserting a naturally-occurring 1.006 kb or a synthetic 0.733 kb DNA fragment (including intron) of extremely GC-rich at the(More)
Existing power and rate control methods for wireless networks did not consider channel nonlinearity. This paper presents a power and rate controller for wireless networks with nonlinear channel fading. The controller is designed based on robust approach, and the performance is analyzed via linear matrix inequality (LMI). Simulation results illustrate the(More)
In order to protect peroral β-galactosidase from being degraded and hydrolyse milk lactose efficiently in the environments of gastrointestinal tract, a double-capsule delivery system composed of enteric-coated capsule and polylactic acid (PLA) nanocapsules (NCs) was developed for encapsulation of β-galactosidase. β-galactosidase-loaded PLA NCs in the size(More)
This paper put forward a new design of point to point digital transmission system which communicate real-time video and data through 10km coaxial tow cable without relay. System implement MPEG-4 high-speed transcode function and SHDSL technology, which satisfy the dynamic characteristics of 10km coaxial tow cable much better than former analog technique.(More)
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