Xuesong Liang

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This paper addresses the maximum achievable rate for amplify-and-forward (AF) one-way relay channel (OWRC) and two-way relay channel (TWRC) with a total transmit power constraint. The achievable rate is maximized for both channels where the optimal power allocation is applied over all the nodes and the closed-form expressions for the maximum achievable rate(More)
—This letter studies the outage performance of cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) network with the help of an amplify-and-forward relay. An accurate closed-form approximation for the exact outage probability is derived. Based on this, the asymptotic outage probability is investigated, which shows that cooperative NOMA achieves the same(More)
In this paper, we study the uplink of a relay-assisted multiuser massive MIMO system. The relay station (RS) equipped with M<sub>1</sub> antennas processes the received signal from K single-antenna users, using maximum ratio combining (MRC)/zero-forcing (ZF) detection, and then forwards the post-processed signal to the base station (BS) with M<sub>2</sub>(More)
The present paper introduces a neural network based on approach for solving the generalized eigenvalue problem Ax = &#x03BB;Bx, where n-by-n matrices A and B are realvalued, B is non-singular, and 1 B A - is an orthogonal matrix whose determinant is equal to 1. The approach can extract the modulus largest and the modulus smallest eigenvalues, and the(More)
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