Xuesi Zhang

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Maternal deprivation (MD) is a well-established protocol used to investigate neurobiological changes that are associated with the etiology of and vulnerability to stress-related diseases in animal models. The resulting psychophysiological effects, the timing and duration of these adverse stimuli, and the method by which they exert their effects on the(More)
Personalities are determined by convergent factors, including physical environment, culture, special experience, and heredity. It has been shown that abuse of substance and alcohol among individuals with personality disorders predict criminality (Glenn and Raine, 2014; Hernandez-Avila et al., 2000). Thus, it is important to clarify the relationship between(More)
Aspirin, one of the most commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs, has been recently reported to display multiple effects in the central nervous system (CNS), including neuroprotection and upregulation of ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) expression in astrocytes. Although it was most recently reported that aspirin could promote the proliferation and(More)
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