Xueshe Jiao

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We have studied the amino acid L-leucine (LEU) using inelastic neutron scattering, X-rays and neutron diffraction, calorimetry and Raman scattering as a function of temperature, focusing on the relationship between the local dynamics of the NH(3), CH(3), CH(2) and CO(2) moieties and the molecular structure of LEU. Calorimetric and diffraction data evidenced(More)
The reaction of cobalt(III) acetate with excess manganese(II) acetate in acetic acid occurs in two stages, since the two forms Co(IIIc) and Co(IIIs) are not rapidly equilibrated and thus react independently. The rate constants at 24.5 degrees C are kc = 37.1 +/- 0.6 L mol-1 s-1 and ks = 6.8 +/- 0.2 L mol-1 s-1 at 24.5 degrees C in glacial acetic acid. The(More)
The oxidation of hydrogen bromide and alkali metal bromide salts to bromine in acetic acid by cobalt(III) acetate has been studied. The oxidation is inhibited by Mn(OAc)(2) and Co(OAc)(2), which lower the bromide concentration through complexation. Stability constants for Co(II)Br(n)() were redetermined in acetic acid containing 0.1% water as a function of(More)
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