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This kind of wall cleaning robot has two wheels that can be driven respectively, two vacuum pumps, and one negative suction disc with one mechanic-servo air-sealed ring. Some key techniques on kinematics and hydrodynamics of the robot are proposed in this paper. Aimed at the actual situations for wall cleaning works, this paper presented a sort of physical(More)
A novel robotic assistive rehabilitation system for both lower-limbs and upper-limbs muscle rehabilitation to general paralysis or quadriplegia and paraplegia patients has been developed. The system is featured with the ability to drive patients to do active and passive exercises which are the most important exercises for the limb weakness from early(More)
Chronic iron overload has slow and insidious effects on heart, liver, and other organs. Because iron-driven oxidation of most biologic materials (such as lipids and proteins) is readily repaired, this slow progression of organ damage implies some kind of biological "memory." We hypothesized that cumulative iron-catalyzed oxidant damage to mtDNA might occur(More)
The differential drive two-wheeled inverted pendulum mobile robot has advantage of high maneuverability on slopes and in narrow spaces. It can be used to carry human beings as well as other goods. This paper mainly discusses mechanical design and dynamic modeling of this type of mobile robot platform. The first prototype is 12 kg of weight with dimensions(More)
The wall climbing robot has characteristics of moving smartly and suction reliably on the wall, therefore, this paper proposes a method called critical suction, based on the negative suction and thrust force. Then mechanics, the robot's suction mechanism and the performance of air-sealed are analyzed, and the critical suction mechanism is discussed in(More)
Coal mine is a dangerous field, various fatal factors menace people. The rescuers have known the mine tunnel actual situation when a disaster in coal mine occurs. Especially, it is very dangerous to go into the tunnel without detect in advanced because second explosion may occur at any time. Aiming to the task, the rescue robot can be sent to explosion(More)
Indoor mobile robot navigation based on the vision system is a hot research field in recent years. Structured light method is a kind of three dimensional measuring technology which is widely used in mobile robot vision system. In this paper, mobile robot obstacle detection system in indoor environment is designed, linear structured light which is projected(More)
After earthquake, many people are buried under ruins. Rescue is very important in the first 48 hours. Snake robot is a very useful tool in climbing into ruins to detect people. This paper designs a new snake robot with all body drive system based on rope system. All snake robot body has drive ropes to drive it move. It is simple in drive system and control(More)