Xuesen Bian

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The novel complex photocatalytic material was prepared by coating TiO₂ nanoparticles on tourmaline using the sol-gel method, and used in the degradation of the herbicide 2,4-D. The results indicated that coating TiO₂ with tourmaline enhanced the photocatalytic activity significantly. Based on the research of a simplified model for the average light(More)
This study investigated the photocatalytic activity of tourmaline by itself. Under irradiation of a 13 W, 254 nm UV lamp, 50% of methyl blue disappeared in the presence of 130 mg·L⁻¹ tourmaline. The reaction was inhibited by the addition of ethanol, Cl⁻, SO₄²⁻ and Cu²⁺, and promoted a little by addition of 50 mg/L Mg²⁺, which supports the inference of(More)
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