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In our previous paper, we synthesized poly-3-hydroxybutyrate [P(3HB)] by using the water-organic solvent two-phase reaction system (TPRS), in which thiophenyl (R)-3-hydroxybutyrate [(R)-3HBTP] was used as a precursor of 3HBCoA. We have developed an improved TPRS for the chemo-enzymatic synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). In this method, acetyl(More)
Recently, we succeeded in isolating a thermotolerant bacterium, Pseudomonas sp. SG4502, which is capable of accumulating polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) even at 55 °C, as a source of thermostable enzymes. In this study, we cloned a pha locus from the bacterium and identified two genes encoding PHA synthases (PhaC1SG and PhaC2SG). Two mutations, Ser324Thr and(More)
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