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As online communities become increasingly popular, researchers have tried to examine participating activities in online communities as well as how to sustain online communities. However, relatively few studies have tried to understand what kinds of participants constitute online communities. In this study, we try to contribute online community research by(More)
As social media grow in popularity, more and more people produce user-generated content (UGC) in various types of social media. Thus, practitioners are interested in how to support people’s motivation to produce UGC. While previous literature has examined various factors influencing people’s motivation to produce UGC, few studies have examined the role of(More)
As social network sites become quite popular and more people begin to participate in the social network sites (e.g., Facebook), practitioners are interested in how to make participants satisfied and keep them using the sites. This study applies Self-Determination Theory and it tries to understand the relationship between relatedness need satisfaction, level(More)
With the growing popularity of information and communication technologies (ICT), researchers from information systems (IS) field are increasingly interested in the factors influencing user satisfaction in computer-mediated environment. Drawing on media synchronicity theory (MST), this study explores how various media characteristics influence user(More)