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Acid Sensing Ion Channels (ASICs) are a group of sodium-selective ion channels that are activated by low extracellular pH. The role of ASIC in disease states remains unclear partly due to the lack of selective pharmacological agents. In this report, we describe the effects of A-317567, a novel non-amiloride blocker, on three distinct types of native ASIC(More)
Stroke is a major cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Extracellular glutamate accumulation leading to overstimulation of the ionotropic glutamate receptors mediates neuronal injury in stroke and in neurodegenerative disorders. Here we show that miR-223 controls the response to neuronal injury by regulating the functional expression of the glutamate(More)
BACKGROUND Alpha synuclein (alpha-Syn) is the main component of Lewy bodies which are associated with several neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease. While the glycation with D-glucose that results in alpha-Syn misfold and aggregation has been studied, the effects of glycation with D-ribose on alpha-Syn have not been investigated. (More)
  • Luis M Franco, Kristine L Bucasas, Janet M Wells, Diane Niño, Xueqing Wang, Gladys E Zapata +8 others
  • 2013
Identification of the host genetic factors that contribute to variation in vaccine responsiveness may uncover important mechanisms affecting vaccine efficacy. We carried out an integrative, longitudinal study combining genetic, transcriptional, and immunologic data in humans given seasonal influenza vaccine. We identified 20 genes exhibiting a(More)
Our previous studies showed that SIRT1 was over-expressed in gastric cancer specimens and related with lymph node metastasis. However, the mechanism of SIRT1 up-regulation and its association with metastasis in gastric cancer remain unclear. The present study was undertaken to understand the role of microRNA in regulation of SIRT1 in the progression of(More)
Taxol is a powerful chemotherapy agent leading to mitotic arrest and cell death; however, its clinical efficacy has been hampered due to the development of drug resistance. Taxol specifically targets the cell cycle. Progress through mitosis (M stage) is an absolute requirement for drug-induced death because cell death is markedly reduced in cells blocked at(More)
Both combretastatin A-4 (CA-4) and doxorubicin (DOX) was loaded in different form in a targeted nanomedicine in order to achieve the active delivery of these two drugs followed by sequentially suppressing tumor vasculature and tumor cells. Octreotide-modified stealth liposomes loaded with CA-4 and DOX (Oct-L[CD]) were prepared and characterized. Then in(More)
PhoQ/PhoP is an important two-component system that regulates Shigella virulence. We explored whether the PhoQ/PhoP system is a promising target for new antibiotics against S. flexneri infection. By using a high-throughput screen and enzymatic activity coupled assay, four compounds were found as potential PhoQ inhibitors. These compounds not only inhibited(More)
Keywords: Decision analysis Complex multi-attribute large-group decision-making Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy principal component analysis Information aggregation a b s t r a c t The complex multi-attribute large-group decision-making problems that are based on interval-valued intu-itionistic fuzzy information have become a common topic of research(More)