Xueqin Zhou

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The aim of this work was to evaluate the low molecular weight chitosans (LMWCs) as enhancers of transdermal administration of baicalin, an useful drug for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, viral hepatitis, and HIV infection. Permeation experiments were performed in vitro through mouse skin by using Franz cells. Improved baicalin skin penetration was(More)
Highly conductive films are crucial for the development of flexible electronics which are necessary components of flexible display device. In this work, the ink-jet printed nanosilver films were prepared with a relatively low sheet electrical-resistance of 0.96 Ω/ square after heat-treated at the temperature 200°C for 30min. The conductive mechanism of the(More)
The aim of this work was to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of flexible adhesive electrodes (FAEs) prepared with adhesive matrices for iontophoretic delivery of baicalin, a drug used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, viral hepatitis and HIV. Single-layer adhesive matrices (SLAMs) and double-layer adhesive matrices (DLAMs) were prepared from(More)
Effective charge separation is one of the key determinants for the photovoltaic performance of the dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Herein, two charge-separated (CS) sensitizers, MTPA-Pyc and YD-Pyc, have been synthesized and applied in DSSCs to investigate the effect of the CS states of the sensitizers on the device's efficiency. The CS states with(More)
The interactions of 1-dodecyl-azacycloheptan-2-one (Azone), a penetration enhancer, with mouse skin were analyzed by fluorescence microscopy, solid-state 13C-CP/MAS-NMR spectroscopy and Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier-transform infrared (ATR-FT-IR) spectroscopy. Ferulic acid was employed as fluorescent probe to observe the delivery pathway in the(More)
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