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A simple cylindrical Mach probe is described along with an independent calibration procedure in a magnetized plasma wind tunnel. A particle orbit calculation corroborates our model. The probe operates in the weakly magnetized regime in which probe dimension and ion orbit are of the same scale. Analytical and simulation models are favorably compared with(More)
Heat and mass transfer at the nanosecond time scale and the nanometer length scale in pulsed laser fabrication of ultra-shallow p+-junctions is studied in this work. A new technique is developed to fabricate the ultra-shallow p÷-junctions with pulsed laser doping of crystalline silicon with a solid spin-on-glass (SOG) dopant, through the nanosecond pulsed(More)
Cu/Ti 3 SiC 2 /C/BN/GNPs nanocomposites were prepared by vacuum hot-pressing (HP) sintering and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) sintering methods. Microstructures, mechanical and tribological properties of Cu/Ti 3 SiC 2 /C/BN/GNPs nanocomposites were investigated. Microstructures were examined by optical microscopy (OM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning(More)
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