Xueqian Gong

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LY3009120 is a pan-RAF and RAF dimer inhibitor that inhibits all RAF isoforms and occupies both protomers in RAF dimers. Biochemical and cellular analyses revealed that LY3009120 inhibits ARAF, BRAF, and CRAF isoforms with similar affinity, while vemurafenib or dabrafenib have little or modest CRAF activity compared to their BRAF activities. LY3009120(More)
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) projects have advanced our understanding of the driver mutations, genetic backgrounds, and key pathways activated across cancer types. Analysis of TCGA datasets have mostly focused on somatic mutations and translocations, with less emphasis placed on gene amplifications. Here we describe a bioinformatics screening strategy to(More)
Using single primer (TTTAGGG)3 or (CCCTAAA)3CCC corresponding to rice telomeric repeat sequences, two fragments were amplified from rice genomic DNA and named Tas1 and Tas2. These two fragments did not show polymorphism between the mapping parents. Tasl was found to hybridize to rice telomeric regions byin situ hybridization (FISH). Then a rice bacterial(More)
Acoording to the telomere-repeated sequences of rice, two primers: (TTTAGGG11)3 and (CCC-TAA.A)3CCC were used to amplify rice telomere-assciated sequences (TASs). Fox PCR template preparation. total DNA was digested with restrictive endonuclease and then ligated. Using the ligates or total DNA sa template, eight fragments were obtained with the single(More)
Abemaciclib is an ATP-competitive, reversible kinase inhibitor selective for CDK4 and CDK6 that has shown antitumor activity as a single agent in hormone receptor positive (HR+) metastatic breast cancer in clinical trials. Here, we examined the mechanistic effects of abemaciclib treatment using in vitro and in vivo breast cancer models. Treatment of(More)
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