Xueping Zhang

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OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of BDNF on F-actin during the stimulation of IL-1β in hippocampal neurons. MATERIALS & METHODS We cultured hippocampal neurons from rat embryos. Cell stimulation was induced by IL-1β. Cell culture success was evaluated by an activity analysis of CCK-8, staining of gliocyte by immunohistochemistry. Changes in F-actin, BDNF(More)
Spatial clustering has been an active research area in Spatial Data Mining (SDM). Many methods on spatial clustering have been proposed in the literature, but few of them have taken into account constraints that may be present in the data or constraints on the clustering. In this paper, we discuss the problem of spatial clustering with obstacles constraints(More)
Vimentin, a member of the intermediate filament protein family, is regulated both developmentally and tissue specifically. It is also a marker of the metastatic potential of many tumor cells. Pre viously, the human vimentin promoter has been shown to contain multiple elements for the binding of both positive- and negative-acting regulatory factors.(More)
Gas emission of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) from 19 commercial municipal solid waste (MSW) incinerators in China are investigated. The emission concentrations of PCDD/Fs were 0.042-2.461 ng TEQ Nm(-3) with an average value of 0.423 ng TEQ Nm(-3). The emissions of PCDD/Fs from 16 MSW incinerators were below(More)
Unusual biogeographic patterns of closely related groups reflect events in the past, and molecular analyses can help to elucidate these events. While ample research on the origin of disjunct distributions of different organism groups in the Western Paleartic has been conducted, such studies are rare for Eastern Palearctic organisms. In this paper we present(More)
According to the principle of space intersection 、 collinearity equations and error propagation law, mathematical models of theoretical accuracy of direct georeferencing are proposed in this paper. The validity and feasibility of the mathematical models are tested using four sets of actual photos at different scales and terrains. Results indicate that(More)