Xueping Yang

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The aim of the present study was to examine changes of cellular homeostasis in regulatory T (Treg) and T helper 17 (Th17) cells by detecting the proportion of Treg and Th17 cells of peripheral blood, as well as the expression of specific transcription factors in these two types of cells, in syphilitic patients with sero-resistance. A total of 49 subjects(More)
Transient elastography quantifies the propagation of a mechanically generated shear wave within a soft tissue, which can be used to characterize the elasticity and viscosity parameters of the tissue. The aim of our study was to combine numerical simulation and clinical assessment to define a viscoelastic index of liver tissue to improve the quality of early(More)
Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) is a novel non-invasive imaging technique for in vivo evaluation of cutaneous lesions at near-histologic resolution. The applicability of CLSM for various neoplastic and inflammatory skin diseases has been shown. The objective of the study is to utilize the CLSM for the differential diagnosis of atypical dermatoses.(More)
Early in 1983, DARPP-32, a phosphoprotein regulated by dopamine (DA) and cAMP, encoded by the PPP1R1B gene, was identified as a mediator of postsynaptic DA receptor signaling in striatal neurons [1]. Later, studies on postmortem brains using the quantitative polymerase chain reaction, immunohistochemical staining, and immunoblotting demonstrated(More)
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