Xueping Ren

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With the widespread development of RFID technology, security and privacy issues become more prominent in RFID applications. In this paper, a new oneway hash function based mutual authentication protocol is proposed to address such security and privacy problems. Particularly, access list and pseudorandom flags are adopted for quick search, to ensure good(More)
In order to protect the privacy and the security of the tag, we propose a mutual authentication protocol for low-cost RFID system. The protocol ensures that the reader (or server) and the tag authenticate each other, provides the privacy and security properties for low-cost RFID system and also has good performance. The protocol resists almost all attacks(More)
The bispectrum and 1(1/2)dimensional spectrum analysis is introduced, then this method is applied to the fault diagnosis of blower. Through the nonlinear phenomenon of quadratic phase coupling is detected by the bispectrum character, and 1(1/2) dimensional spectrum analysis can extract the fault characters of vibration data of blower. The drawback of the(More)
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