Xueping Guo

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Newton-HSS methods, that are variants of inexact Newton methods different from Newton-Krylov methods, have been shown to be competitive methods for solving large sparse systems of nonlinear equations with positive definite Jacobian matrices [Bai and Guo, 2010]. In that paper, only local convergence was proved. In this paper, we prove a Kantorovich-type(More)
Hyaluronidases are a family of enzymes that degrade hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan, HA) and widely used in many fields. A hyaluronidase producing bacteria strain was screened from the air. 16S ribosomal DNA (16S rDNA) analysis indicated that the strain belonged to the genus Bacillus, and the strain was named as Bacillus sp. A50. This is the first report of a(More)
With the miniaturization, multifunction, high speed development of the chip and package, the requirements for package substrate and 3D packaging becomes higher. As the IC line size continues to decrease, the signal transmission rate continues to improve and the amount and density of pin is getting more and more, the Pad pitch of package substrate which(More)
In our work, we fabricated two kinds of flexible Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanogenerators (NG), which could be potentially embedded in flexible printed circuit board (FPC). First, we prepared ZnO nanowires (NWs) by a simple solvothermal method. Zinc acetate and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) were used as the precursors. Ethanol was the solvent. The diameters of most(More)
This paper mainly does research about the multilayer chip embedded based on the organic substrates. On the one hand, that puts forward a new 3D package structure of the organic substrates embedded. On the other hand, we find a kind of process flow based the whole organic substrate process and solve the key process. We completed the sample and test of the(More)
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