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We performed a meta-analysis of CD133-related clinical data to investigate the role of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in the clinical outcomes of colorectal cancer (CRC) patients, analyzing the effectiveness of various therapeutic strategies and examining the validity of the CSC hypothesis. For 28 studies (4546 patients), the relative risk (RR) to survival(More)
The nitrogen-removing characteristics of Pseudomonas stutzeri T13, a heterotrophic nitrifying-aerobic denitrifying bacterium, were investigated. The ammonium and nitrate removal of the bacterium was found to reach nearly 100 % at 15 h. However, the total nitrogen (TN) removal rate reached only about 23.47 % because of the dramatic accumulation of nitrite at(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the changes in the time-signal intensity curve(TIC) type and semi-quantitative parameters of dynamic contrast-enhanced(DCE)imaging in relation to variations in the contrast agent(CA) dosage in the Walker 256 murine breast tumor model, and to determine the appropriate parameters for the evaluation ofneoadjuvantchemotherapy(NAC)response.(More)
Accumulating evidence has suggested that estrogen receptor alpha (ER-α) PvuII polymorphism might be involved in the development of prostate cancer (PCa). However, the results have been inconsistent. We therefore performed a meta-analysis to clarify the associations between ER-α PvuII polymorphism and PCa. A comprehensive search was conducted to identify all(More)
Dietary exposure of insects to a feeding deterrent substance for hours to days can induce habituation and concomitant desensitization of the response of peripheral gustatory neurons to such a substance. In the present study, larvae of the herbivore Helicoverpa armigera were fed on diets containing either a high, medium or low concentration of sucrose, a(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, CD44 and CD133 have been identified as 2 common used cancer stem cell (CSC) markers in gastric cancer. However, the clinicopathological and prognostic value of these markers in gastric cancer remains controversial; moreover, there is lack of comparison of these 2 markers' roles in clinical applications. A systematic review and(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the clinical characteristics and management of primary renal sinus tumors. We retrospectively analyzed three cases of primary renal sinus tumors. The first patient was a 33-year-old man who presented with right flank pain for 6 months. Based on the imaging results, the patient was diagnosed with renal sinus(More)
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