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Active safety systems are based upon the accurate and fast estimation of the value of important dynamical variables such as forces, load transfer, actual tire-road friction (kinetic friction) mu<i>k</i>, and maximum tire-road friction available (potential friction) mu<i>p</i>. Measuring these parameters directly from tires offers the potential for improving(More)
Efficient system-level design is increasingly relying on hierarchical design-space exploration, as well as compositional methods, to shorten time-to-market, leverage design re-use, and achieve optimal performances. However, in analog electronic systems, circuit behaviors are so tightly dependent on their interface conditions that accurate system performance(More)
The increasing complexity of today's electronic systems and the higher nonrecurring engineering costs of integrated solutions call for an efficient system-level design methodology relying on hierarchical design-space exploration and compositional methods to manage complexity, shorten time-to-market, and leverage design re-use, while still achieving optimal(More)
This paper presents an ultra-wideband (UWB) low noise amplifier (LNA) consuming 2.2-mW core dc power for 6-8.5GHz wireless applications. A common-gate input stage is cascaded with a common-source second stage to perform input impedance matching and wideband stagger-tuning amplification, while the current-reuse topology minimizes the dc power dissipation.(More)
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