Xuemin Li

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Simulating the blood flow in human arterial system is an important task as it can help us to better understand the human arterial system and hence, cure and/or prevent heart and arterial diseases. From a physical point of view, the blood flow can be considered as a fluid dynamics problem (blood flow) coupled with a structural deflection problem (deflection(More)
The water constraint on agricultural production receives growing concern with the increasingly sharp contradiction between demand and supply of water resources. How to mitigate and adapt to potential water constraint is one of the key issues for ensuring food security and achieving sustainable agriculture in the context of climate change. It has been(More)
In this paper, a novel packet-layer quality assessment system is proposed to monitor the quality of Voice over Internet Protocol services. The efficient machine learning algorithm of random forest is utilized to give the importance of the assessment parameters. The significant parameters are selected to get rid of the disturbance caused by the insignificant(More)
Time and price are very important factors for demand. Through proposing a sensitive coefficient (named as rho) of market price dependent on wholesale price, this research establishes a random Newsboy model with demand dependent on price and time, and analyzes the relationship among retail price, ordering time and ordering quantities. From theory induction(More)
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