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An efficient protocol for plant regeneration was developed from protoplasts of Gentiana macrophylla Pall. through somatic embryogenesis. Viable protoplasts were isolated from cell suspensions derived from young seedling leaves in an enzyme solution containing 2 % Cellulase Onozuka R-10, 0.5 % Macerozyme R-10, 0.5 % Hemicellulase, and 0.4 M sorbitol with a(More)
In the wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for electric field measurement system under the High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission lines, it is necessary to obtain the electric field distribution with multiple sensors. The location information of each sensor is essential to the correct analysis of measurement results. Compared with the existing approach(More)
This paper discusses the relationship between Danger Theory and image object detection, and interprets the produce of the image object detection using Danger Theory. In the paper, the image object detection is mimiced as the produce that biology immune system detects danger antigens, where the interested object are regarded as ldquodanger antigensrdquo and(More)
Understanding human behavior is crucial for planning evacuation strategies when an emergency occurs. The social force model, which is a successful quantitative model, has been widely used in investigating human behavior. In this paper, we propose a gradient descent based parameter optimization method to learn the parameters of the social force model from(More)
This paper presents a novel approach of detecting special objects from high resolution satellite imagery. In this approach, a bilateral filtering is used to denoise firstly, and a new morphological approach which combines gray scale morphological processing and binary morphological processing is proposed for ROI extraction and feature enhancement. A(More)
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