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This paper is concerned with the delay dependent stability criteria for a class of static recurrent neural networks with interval time-varying delay. By choosing an appropriate Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional and employing a delay partitioning method, the less conservative condition is obtained. Furthermore, the LMIs-based condition depend on the lower and(More)
Paclitaxel is a standard chemotherapeutic agent for ovarian cancer. PEA-15 (phosphoprotein enriched in astrocytes-15 kDa) regulates cell proliferation, autophagy, apoptosis, and glucose metabolism and also mediates AKT-dependent chemoresistance in breast cancer. The functions of PEA-15 are tightly regulated by its phosphorylation status at Ser104 and(More)
This paper studies the design of a class of perfect-reconstruction (PR) nonuniform filter banks (FBs) called recombination nonuniform FBs (RNFBs). They are constructed by merging subbands in a uniform FB with sets of transmultiplexers (TMUXs). It generalizes the RNFBs previously proposed by the authors to allow more general choice of the sampling factors.(More)
It is well known that broader bandwidth leads to higher range resolution, but in ultrasonic flaw detection, the bandwidth is often limited. That is, the upper frequency of the transmitted signal is bounded by the attenuation of highfrequency ultrasound, especially when the penetration depth is large. In this case, only the band-limited signals are suitable(More)
Directional filter banks (DFBs) are highly desired in directional representation of images. In this correspondence, we propose a 2-D nonsubsampled nonuniform directional filter bank (NUDFB) and its design method. The proposed NUDFB has nonuniform wedge-shaped subbands and allows arbitrary frequency partitioning schemes. It can extract directional(More)
The environmental significance of enantioselectivity in chiral insecticides and herbicides has been widely studied. However, little information is currently available on the enantioselective behavior of chiral plant growth regulators. In this study, paclobutrazol enantiomers were resolved and prepared by chiral high-performance liquid chromatography with a(More)
In this paper, the theory and design of a class of PR cosinemodulated nonuniform filter bank is proposed. It is based on a structure previously proposed by Cox, where the outputs of a uniform filter bank is combined or merged by means of the synthesis section of another filter bank with smaller channel number. Simplifications are imposed on this structure(More)
This correspondence proposes a novel method for designing a class of recombination nonuniform filter banks (RNFBs) with the linear-phase (LP) property. In the structure of the proposed nonuniform filter bank (FB), certain channels of an M-channel uniform FB are merged by synthesis filters of transmultiplexers (TMUXs), yielding nonuniform subbands. By a(More)
This paper mainly presents some recent advances in designing nonuniform filter banks (NUFBs), including direct and indirect methods, along with the detailed review on the typical design methods. Starting with the description of the motivations behind using NUFBs in real applications, we identify some problems existing in the current work. As a new(More)
This paper proposes a rational subdivision scheme using cosine-modulated wavelets. Subdivision schemes constructed from iterated filter banks can be used to generate wavelets and limit functions for multiresolution analysis. The proposed subdivision scheme is based on a kind of nonuniform filter banks called recombination nonuniform filter banks (RN FB). It(More)