Xuemei Ma

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Inflammatory pseudotumors (IPT) are soft tissue tumors that include a diverse group of lesions characterized by inflammatory cell infiltration and variable fibrotic responses. Idiopathic orbital inflammatory pseudotumors (IOIP) are IPTs of unknown etiology that develop in the orbit. Due to the lack of well-defined pathogenic mechanisms, diagnosis and(More)
BACKGROUND In plastic surgery, skin damage induced by ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) is a multifactorial process that often occurs. Methane gas has been reported to be a new therapeutic gas for attenuating I/R injury. In this study, we assessed the effects of methane-rich saline (MRS) in regulating apoptosis on skin flap I/R injury. METHODS Male(More)
Chemokine-like factor 1 (CKLF-1) is a novel cytokine which have a crucial role in immune and inflammatory responses. In this study, the expression level of CKLF-1 was measured to assess the difference between keloid patients and people without keloid. Fifty samples were taken from 30 patients: 10 keloid patients; 10 scar patients; and 10 patients without(More)
This study is to investigate the relationship between ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 5 (ENTPD5) expression and lung cancer clinicopathological factors, and the impact of ENTPD5 on lung cancer cell functions. Lung cancer specimens and matched adjacent normal tissues were obtained from patients without any preoperative radiotherapy or(More)
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