Xuemei Gong

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Smoking and tobacco use are acquired behaviors and the most preventable cause of death in United States. Many studies show that a large amount of diseases, deaths, years of potential life lost and productivity loses are associated with smoking and tobacco use. In the smoking cessation intervention programs, social support plays an important role in helping(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Seeds of carob, Chinese senna, date and fenugreek are hard due to thickened endosperm cell walls containing mannan polymers. How the radicle is able penetrate these thickened walls to complete seed germination is not clearly understood. The objective of this study was to determine if radicle emergence is related to the production of(More)
An index system for evaluating academic papers is constructed and verified based on the empirical analysis of papers that has gained the 6th Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Award for Outstanding Achievements. Some new index, such as paper discipline impact factor, discipline average cited rate per paper and discipline average downloaded rate per paper(More)
Ranked data is ubiquitous in real-world applications, arising naturally when users express preferences about products and services, when voters cast ballots in elections, and when funding proposals are evaluated based on their merits or university departments based on their reputation. This paper focuses on crowdsourcing and novel analysis of ranked data.(More)
Scatter/Gather is a document browsing and information retrieval method based on document clustering. It is designed to facilitate user articulation of information needs through iterative clustering and interactive browsing. This paper reports on a study that investigated the effectiveness of Scatter/Gather browsing for information retrieval. We conducted a(More)
Single-tree detection along road in urban area has been essential for various applications, such as monitoring tree survival, tree inventory, and evaluating tree damage. Therefore, detailed tree information, such as tree counts, tree heights, crown base heights, diameter at breast height (DBH), and tree biomass, is critical for the effective management and(More)
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