Xuelong Du

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It is very important to efficiently evaluate the Green function of a point current for analyzing a large grounding system. In this paper, a very efficient approach to calculate the Green function of a point current source in a horizontal layered soil with a new complex integration path is presented. As can be found, the highly oscillatory integrand has been(More)
The impedance of the rail track is one of basic parameters to analyze the high-speed railway signal circuit. In this paper, an accurate and fast approach to calculate the impedance of the rail track with the earth return is presented. Two imagined current-carrying sheaths going in opposite directions are placed to encase the rail track. With these imaginary(More)
The evaluation of the ground admittance of an underground insulated conductor with a homogeneous nonmagnetic earth is of great significance when the electromagnetic compatibility is concerned. To evaluate the ground admittance efficiently, researchers proposed that the ground impedance of the conductor should be evaluated first and the ground admittance is(More)
An efficient approach to evaluate the radiated electromagnetic field of a lightning channel over a horizontally stratified conducting ground is proposed in this paper. The electromagnetic field component produced by a lightning channel, expressed in the form of generalized Sommerfeld integral (GSI) with a complicated integrand, is calculated along a newly(More)
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