Xueling Shen

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The predicted Arabidopsis interactome resource (PAIR, http://www.cls.zju.edu.cn/pair/), comprised of 5990 experimentally reported molecular interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana together with 145,494 predicted interactions, is currently the most comprehensive data set of the Arabidopsis interactome with high reliability. PAIR predicts interactions by a(More)
Predicted interactions are a valuable complement to experimentally reported interactions in molecular mechanism studies, particularly for higher organisms, for which reported experimental interactions represent only a small fraction of their total interactomes. With careful engineering consideration of the lessons from previous efforts, the predicted(More)
MOTIVATION A molecular interaction network can be viewed as a network in which genes with related functions are connected. Therefore, at a systems level, connections between individual genes in a molecular interaction network can be used to infer the collective functional linkages between biologically meaningful gene sets. RESULTS We present the human(More)
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