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The emergence of low-cost 3D printers steers the investigation of new geometric problems that control the quality of the fabricated object. In this paper, we present a method to reduce the material cost and weight of a given object while providing a durable printed model that is resistant to impact and external forces. We introduce a hollowing optimization(More)
In this study, we built up a database of 633 species (48 families, 205 genera) from an alpine meadow on the eastern Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Our objective was to assess the effects of phylogenetic and life-history (life form, perenniality, seed size, dispersal strategy and period) background on the community-wide germination strategies. We found that the(More)
Hippophae rhamnoides ssp. sinensis is endemic to China, and it is a dioecious, outcrossing plant. Although many studies have been undertaken mainly on its agricultural, nutritional, medical, and ornamental value, little is known about its population genetics. This study uses random amplified polymorphic DNA to investigate the genetic diversity and(More)
In this study, we built up a database of 570 species from an alpine meadow on the eastern Tsinghai–Tibet plateau. We examined the correlation of seed mass and germination with phylogeny, habitat and altitude, and the relationship between seed mass and germination. We found that: habitats had no significant effects on seed mass and germinability, which was(More)
RAPD markers were used to detect genetic diversity and population genetic differentiation of Hippophae rhamnoides ssp. yunnanensis, a sea buckthorn endemic to the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The genetic parameters of percentage of polymorphic bands (92.86%), Nei’s gene diversity (h, 0.255), and Shannon’s index (I, 0.397) indicated high genetic diversity in this(More)
We pose the <i>decompose-and-pack</i> or <i>DAP</i> problem, which tightly combines shape decomposition and packing. While in general, DAP seeks to decompose an input shape into a <i>small number</i> of parts which can be <i>efficiently</i> packed, our focus is geared towards 3D printing. The goal is to optimally decompose-and-pack a 3D object into a(More)
Do short periods of relatively low temperatures during winter in subtropical zones promote seed dormancy break and germination of alien species and thus facilitate their spread? To help answer this question, we tested the germination responses to moist storage at low temperatures of seeds of 21 alien species from southeastern China. For each species, fresh(More)
A Graph-optimized Linear Discriminant Analysis (GLDA) for face recognition is proposed, which redefine the intrinsic and penalty graph and trade off the importance degrees of the same-class points to the intrinsic graph and the importance degrees of the not-same-class points to the penalty graph by a strictly monotone decreasing function. Experiments on(More)
To efficiently resolve classification rule mining problem, a novel classification rule mining algorithm is proposed by using Locality pursuit projection (LPP) and memetic algorithm(MA) in this paper. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm achieves much better performance than other related classification rule mining algorithms in terms of(More)
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